The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck, Launching Soon in NYC


Rainbow sprinkles might mean something a little different on a soft serve cone from The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck. Doug Quint, a New York-based bassoonist who just finished coursework for his musical arts doctorate at CUNY, is rolling out his playful new mobile dessert business as soon as his permit shows up (hopefully next week).

"Let's face it, ice cream trucks are kind of queer, and a middle-aged white man driving one is pretty suspect," Quint said. "That's not to say that I'm a rolling hotbed of perversion. Hardly the case. It's all in the name of silly." That means his Twitter updates (@biggayicecream—yes, he's another street vendor on Twitter) won't be limited to the truck's whereabouts, but also involve haikus and requests for good cha-cha music.

There are a few noticeable differences between him and Mister Softee. For starters, his concern for Proposition 8 in California, but also his topping selection. The BGICT will offer olive oil and sea salt, Nutella, bacon, and any suggestions from his clientele, who will earn freebies when they sport his apparel (the tank top is called the "husband beater").

Be on the lookout for the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck in the West Village during the day, near East Village and Chelsea bars and clubs at night, and maybe even some Brooklyn appearances. If you hear cha-cha music, the rainbow sprinkles shouldn't be far.