Sugar Rush: Rainbow Cookies from The Bakery on Long Island

Sugar Rush

Your daily dose of something sweet.


Rainbow cookies are the stuff of dreams. Mediocre or just plain terrible ones can be found in nearly every supermarket and deli on the corner, but good ones? Few and far in between. From my native Long Island, The Bakery (or Da Bakery as I like to call it), has been my lifelong source of rainbow cookies full of sunshine and sweet marzipan flavor. The three layers are beautifully moist and capped off at either end with a crisp, thin, chocolate coat unmarred by those chocolate sprinkles you see everywhere else. Now that I've revealed my Long Island secret, you can return the favor. Does anyone know where to find the best rainbow cookies in Manhattan?

The Bakery

1014 Willis Avenue Albertson, NY 11507 (in the Waldbaum's plaza; map) 516-625-0133