Sugar Rush: Chocolate Pudding in a Mason Jar at Sarabeth's

Sugar Rush

Your daily dose of something sweet.


While waiting in line to order a plethora of cookies at at the Chelsea Market location of Sarabeth's Bakery, I couldn't help but spot, and then fall for, a mason jar filled with chocolate pudding. The pudding is chilled just so, lush and full of that chocolaty wonder. It's certainly swoon-worthy, though I surely wished it was a dark instead of milk chocolate pudding. Thick and creamy in texture, the pudding is smooth through and through, almost reaching the thickness of mousse. Top it off with ploofs of fresh whipped cream, a pile of chocolate shavings, and there is little to complain about. Plus you get to keep the mason jar!

Sarabeth's Bakery

Chelsea Market 75 Ninth Avenue, New York NY 10011 (at 15th Street; map) 212-989-2424