New Catch Holland Herring Season Starts Today at Russ & Daughters


How to Eat the New Catch Holland Herring 101. Photograph by Jen Snow

New Catch Holland, or “Hollandse Nieuwe" is like the wishbone of the herring world. Two filets are attached at the tail, and per tradition, you're supposed to hold them over your mouth before dropping the Siamese-like fish inside (and making a wish). Once a year, during only a brief four-week period, this herring of the North Sea reaches optimal deliciousness. Russ & Daughters received its first delivery, and will start selling them today individually for $4.49 (each one contains two attached filets) or in packs of ten for $39.95.

Niki Russ Federman of Russ & Daughters models the eating ritual here, and if you stop by the store, she might just reenact it in person. Place orders by phone at 212-475-4880 or online for nationwide shipments.

Russ & Daughters

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