Sugar Rush: Almond Cake at Locanda Verde


Since joining Locanda Verde, pastry chef Karen DeMasco, formerly of Craft, has opened a new bakery wing at the restaurant, and it's doubtlessly one of the most beautiful counters in town. Strawberry scones, mocha tarts, oatmeal sandwich cookies, olive oil coffee cake, hazelnut sticky buns all perched above a colorful whimsy of cake stands and serving platters. I could go on forever, but suppose we must stop somewhere.

I fell hard for the blueberry-polenta muffin and strawberry scone, but you really can't leave without a lush wedge of almond cake. Picture this: smothers of summer strawberry-rhubarb puree sandwiched between two halves of sugar dusted cake. The almond cake—golden, light, and feathery—is a sweet contrast to the dense and nutty versions more commonly found in the city.

You're bound to find something (if not everything!) to satisfy a craving here. Locanda Verde plans to steadily rotate the baked goods, so really, my only concern is being able to try everything before items are swapped out.

Locanda Verde

377 Greenwich Street, New York NY 10013 (b/n Franklin and Moore Street; map) 212-925-3797