Vendy Awards 2009: Tickets on Sale, and Nominate Your Favorite Vendor

20090513-vendys2009.jpgThe fifth annual Vendy Awards will be on September 26 at the Queens Museum of Art in Flushing. Until May 31, you can buy tickets at the "recession special" ($30 for kids and $60 for adults), or go all out for the table service at $150.

Vendor nominations are also open and will close August 1. The judges include our pal Zach Brooks (so much street food cred in that man), Jacques Torres, and Pichet Ong. And you! Well, maybe. For the first year, the Vendys will offer a "Citizen Judge" slot to someone picked at random from the pool of ticket buyers before May 31.

And clearly you need Vendy Awards apparel.

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