Shake Shack Upper West Side Has Lumbershack Concretes Made of Bacon Brittle


The Upper West Side Shake Shack's concrete flavor maestro Mark Rosati has come up with one that is worthy of the bad pun in the name. The Lumbershack features vanilla custard, buttery sweet waffle croutons, sliced bananas, and the piece de resistance, maple bacon peanut brittle from Redhead chef-owner Meg Grace.

The Lumbershack is named after the breakfast combo it bears an uncanny resemblance to: banana pancakes with butter, bacon, and maple syrup. In honor of the Lumbershack, Shake Shack should open for breakfast. I know that's not going to happen, but a serious eater can dream, can't he?

The Upper West Side branch of Shake Shack (not Madison Square Park or Citi Field, sorry) will carry the Lumbershack for only another week, so hurry on over and get yours.

Shake Shack, Upper West Side 366 Columbus Avenue, New York NY 10024 (map) 646-747-8770