Sugar Rush: Pineapple Muffins at Ciao for Now


The little square muffins at Ciao for Now in the East Village are the perfect size for an afternoon nibble or light morning breakfast. This golden pineapple muffin is great, though I might love the polenta muffin with lemon-lavender glaze even more. It's hard though when the selection is so enticing. Strawberry-mango, anyone? Blueberry streusel? A banana crunch muffin for vegans? And don't forget the pumpkin loaves we loved so much back in the fall—plush, tender, and spiced just so!—which are available year-round. Wash them all down with a cup of their iced green tea with ginger and honey or a chai latte.

Ciao for Now 523 East 12th Street, New York NY 10009 (map) 212-677-2616