Per Se's Kitchen, Still Well-Stocked and Watching the French Laundry on Flat-Screen TV


Watching Per Se from the French Laundry's kitchen in California. Photograph from pellis on Flickr

Per Se may be feeling a 10 percent drop in reservations, as the New York Times reports, but you wouldn't know it by the 5,000-square-foot steel-and-tile kitchen. It's still stocked with "a box of fresh langoustines from Scotland and 20 whole rabbits from Vermont," and per tradition, "the stations move clockwise from canapé to entremetier." We cannot forget the video screen with a real-time glimpse at Per Se’s sister restaurant, the French Laundry, in California (which can also spy on them on their own synced-up screen).

Certain restaurants just won't feel the recession that bad. They still have a steady stream of clientele who call the concierge to slip them into the reservation books, and can afford the live video/audio feed from a three hour-removed time zone.