In Videos: Calexico Carne Asada Cart Brothers on 'The Martha Stewart Show'


Last week, the Calexico Cart brothers appeared on The Martha Stewart Show. Since winning the Vendy Awards last year, they've earned enough to open a restaurant (as in, not on wheels), which they say will be in Red Hook, but are thankfully keeping the two Soho trucks—one at Prince and Wooster, the other at Broadway and Broome. In fact, they want to expand the truck's hours for the latenight crowd.

Everyone has to wait in line for their chipotle pulled pork and signature carne asada tacos except, they clarify, Scarlett Johansson. She hasn't visited them yet but if you're out there, Scarlett, I think they'll probably throw on some free avocado salsa (their watery guacamole concoction). The video, after the jump.

Calexico Cart Brothers on 'The Martha Stewart Show'


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