Sugar Rush: Grapenut Ice Cream from Bittersweet


20090420-sugarrush1.jpgAfter the Brooklyn Flea this weekend, I took a stroll around the nabe. In the mood for a refreshing nibble, I misread the "Jamaican Grapenut" flavor on the chalkboard menu at Bittersweet to be "grapefruit." Mini fiber-laden pellets aren't as refreshing as a ball of citrus, but it was still ice cream so no complaints.

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The owner of the part coffee shop, part ice creamerie (all flavors are churned in-house) is Jamaican, and apparently this is the country's unofficial flavor. It's satisfying in the way healthy cereal can be—especially when multiplied by heavy cream.

Some branches of Uncle Louie G's (like the one on Prospect Park Southwest) also stock grapenut ice cream, but Louie doesn't seem to have any Jamaican lineage.


180 Dekalb Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11205 (map) 718-852-2556