Repurposed Easter Candy: Milk Chocolate Space Duck Pops


When I first came across boxes of Milk Chocolate Space Duck Pops ($2) at Economy Candy, my first though was, "WTF?" Ducks. Space. Chocolate. They go together like panthers, deep-sea diving, and pudding. Was there a popular astronomy-minded duck cartoon that I was unaware of? How could something with a tagline as awesome as "Mild Mannered Duck by Day, Intergalactic Super Hero by Night!" escape my radar?

But then things got weirder. The pops shown on the box weren't even in the shape of helmet-wearing ducks, but ducks with...bonnets. The prospect of space-faring fowl was being used to market Kosher Passover-friendly treats that were actually Easter-themed ducks. HUH?


As I opened the box, I still hoped to find space duck-shaped pops. But it was not meant to be.


Five bonnet-wearing ducks made of Passover chocolate greeted me. D'oh.


The back of the box shared this helpful suggestion: you can reuse the tray to make more things shaped like bonnet-wearing ducks! Any Jewish kid would be excited to have ice cubes and juice pops shaped like ducks with Easter hats.

Bazzini Holdings is the company that makes these pops. I wonder if I can ask them to make space duck pops that are actually shaped like ducks in space. Or perhaps something that actually looks appropriate for Passover.

Economy Candy

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