Korean Tacos from Seoul Station


Since I'm not going to eat at Los Angeles-based Korean taco truck Kogi anytime soon, I was curious to try the recently added Korean tacos at Seoul Station in the East Village. Considering that I have nothing to compare them to Korean taco-wise, nor am I a very discriminate taco eater (I've only eaten them in New York City), my opinion may not mean much. But I do have food porn.


My opinions of these tacos ($2.50 each) are pretty much on par with Sarah DiGregorio's of Fork in the Road: Pork is king. Pork juice dribbled out of the shell as I picked up the pork bulgogi taco, making for a messy snack, but a messy snack enhanced by meat-flavored liquids. Lots of sweet, tender, spicy pork topped mostly with salsa, some chopped onions and cilantro, and a sprinkling of sesame seeds. Most of what you taste is meat, not really a marriage of meat-to-condiments. You may notice that my tacos look different from DiGregorio's; I guess they changed them up over the last week.


The beef bulgogi taco was less successful for lacking two things in the pork taco: juice and spiciness. Not that it was supposed to be spicy (although without the tingly hotness, it mostly tasted sweet); I just tend to prefer spicy to non-spicy. While there was a bit of meat juice, it didn't flow as freely as in the pork taco.

Seoul Station is still working out their tacos, it seems. Who knows; maybe they'll be different next week!

Seoul Station

81 St Marks Place, New York, NY 10003 (b/n 1st and 2nd; map) 212-979-9300