Food Vendors Back at the Brooklyn Flea in Fort Greene


Saxelby Cheese

The Brooklyn Flea returned to Fort Greene on Saturday and was predictably packed. It should really be called the Brooklyn Food Lines—more people seemed invested in the grilled cheeses than the flannel shirts and costume jewels.

The Three Longest Lines


1. Saxelby Cheese for grilled cheese ($5). Slices of Pawlet, a raw cow's milk cheese from Bardwell Farm that they were also selling by the pound, went on ciabetta with spicy McClure's pickles, and then into a press.
Average wait: 45 minutes


2. Rafael Soler of Red Hook ballfield fame was in his total pupusa element, keeping the line moving with the help of his back-up singers (a few aproned women flipping the hot corn discs). Soler also plated sampler platters ($10): a pupusa, tamale, and chorizo with rice and beans.
Average wait: 30 minutes


3. Right nextdoor, another Red Hook ballfield classic, the huaraches and quesadillas were as ginormous as ever. By mid-afternoon though they were out of huaraches, sour cream, and the grilled corn rolled in mayo, grated cheese, and chili powder.
Average wait: 25 minutes

The Rest


Nekisia Davis of Early Bird Granola had two flavors: Farm Hands Choice with pecans and the Aloha Recipe with macadamia nuts, both $8 a bag.


Likistakos Greek Yogurt: Strawberry, cranberry almond, pecan and other fruit flavors in tubs for $2.99.


Rick's Picks. I never get tired of seeing these guys doing their thing at all the markets. The usual briny goods, as well as t-shirts (including a newish one, in honor of Handy Corn).


Salvatore Bklyn sold limonata ($2) and eight-ounce tubs of ricotta ($7).


Chocolate whoopie pie with mint filling

Toffeemills ran out of whoopie pies by the afternoon, but will be back next week with more and this time, vanilla cookie bookends instead of the usual chocolate. Fillings included raspberry cream, vanilla, chocolate, peanut butter, and mint. They also had $1 cookies: chocolate chip, linzer tortes, "Toffeemills" (toffee chips and real Bushmills whiskey), and white chip cocoa (white and milk chocolate chips).


It was absolutely iced coffee weather. Though Crop to the Cup surprisingly sold its fair share of hot espressos.


Donna Zimmerman of Artisanal Soups was ladling out four flavors. Not to be a hater of gourmet soups in biodegradable packaging or anything, but this just wasn't the right day for tongue-burning foods.


Three words: free jam samples. It's not really an outdoor market without 'em. Miss Amy's Preserves had your back, with crackers for spreading a plenty.

Not Present

Dave Sclarow of Pizza Moto who had slices of plain and pepperoni as well as s'mores in December, but no mobile wood-fired oven was found this weekend.

Mast Brothers Chocolate probably won't do the Flea on a regular basis with their new shop in Williamsburg open.

Steve's Key Lime Pies wasn't around, but will be selling pies once or twice a month from the Perch Design booth, run by his friend Amy.

Just Outside the Gates


Mr Softee gets props for waiting patiently across the street.
Average wait: 10 minutes or less