Bid on Tom Mylan's Pig Butchering Class for Charity


Professor Mylan holding class last fall.

Tom Mylan's butchering classes at the Brooklyn Kitchen have inspired a pretty religious following. They fill up fast. The curriculum: he walks you through the process of cutting up half a pig, explains the anatomical cuts, and to top it off, sends students home with party favors. Pig flesh! Six pounds of it!

During the summer, it gets a little sweaty for raw meat education, so his last class before the fall will be Tuesday, May 26 at 6:30 p.m. Ten slots are up for auction on eBay, and all the proceeds will benefit Just Food's City Chicken program and the Greenpoint Interfaith Food Team.

The bidding started at $75, the normal price of the class, and will continue until April 22. Right now it's at $86.

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