Flushing's Xi’an Famous Foods Opens Supermarket Satellite


In my never ending quest to spend every single waking minute of eating in Flushing, I tend to overlook its wonderful markets. So I decided to pay a visit to the sprawling New A&N Food Market, but not to buy groceries (though I did purchase a bag of sweet lady apples)—I was there to visit the satellite location of Xi’an Famous Foods. Even though his mothership lies only a couple of blocks away in the Golden Shopping Mall the enterprising gent known as Liang Pi set up shop here about a week ago. Guess he wanted to fill the void left by the loss of the street-front space he had at Shi Hong Mall.


Xi’an Famous Foods' abbreviated supermarket menu reads like a greatest hits of the original location: liang pi cold noodles; Chinese pork burger; savory lamb burger; and two types of noodle dishes: one with lamb and one without. I didn’t really feel like ordering anything, perhaps because I’ve been eating a lot of Xi’an food lately.


Then I saw the dumplings above the pictorial menu and watched the lady roll out the dough, fill them, and steam them. The puffy pork packages look great and taste even better. The soft, bready wrapper cradles a ball of tender wine-scented pork and, once bitten, gushes with savory juice.

Forgive me for not taking a close up, but they were gone with seconds. Who knew what a simple and cheap pleasure freshly-made bao zi could be?

New A&N Food Market

41-79 Main Street, Flushing NY 11355 (map)

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