Will Tony Luke's Ever Return to New York City?


Yesterday, Adam declared his love for the roast pork Italian at Tony Luke's. While the Philly-based mini chain used to have a presence in Manhattan (on Ninth Avenue between 41st and 42nd streets), it eventually became Shorty's. The menu is still the same, but the pork is just "fine" now (translation, "not the same").

Serious eater thomassweet hipped us to a note on Tony Luke's website: "Tony Luke's New York City, Location To Be Announced."

We got in touch with George Polgar, spokesperson for Tony Luke's, who said the chain is looking at a few spots in New York and should be open by 2010. "Those stores will likely be 100 percent company-owned so we don't run into the creative differences we did at the Tony Luke's-now-Shorty's location." He added that a location in the Middle East is in the works, where a lamb sandwich will replace the pork.