Sugar Rush: La Bergamote's Almond Croissant

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The search for the finest almond croissant in New York City is a forever ongoing hunt. Patisserie Claude, when it was run by Claude himself, was home to my favorite almond croissant. But, the minute Claude left, and Pablo took over, the almond croissant made a downhill turn.

The ones at Madeline Patisserie are a tad overly sweet, and Tisserie's are flaky but dry, lacking the buttery bliss that is to accompany a great croissant. Almondine is fairly decent, though nothing to write home about. Ceci-Cela is inconsistent, and I've yet to make my way to Petrossian Cafe.

Many proclaim La Bergamonte to house a particularly fine croissant, though the one I purchased on Sunday morning was heavy and flat. There was a single crisp golden shell, but once you tore though the outermost layer, all the rest was a soggy mess.

While in line for the croissant, the man in front of me said: "The best thing about their croissant aux amandes is that they don't skimp on the almonds. Almonds outside, inside, everywhere!" He waved his hands in demonstration, very excited. And yes indeed, there were almonds everywhere.

But. When encased within limp layers of dense pastry, a million almonds could make no difference. So. The search continues! Let me know if you have a favorite spot for almond croissants in the city.

La Bergamonte

169 9th Avenue New York, NY 10011 (map) 212-627-9010


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