Sugar Rush: Kaiserschmarren at Klee Brasserie

Sugar Rush

Your daily dose of something sweet.


Craving Kaiserschmarren for brunch? Look no further than Klee Brasserie in Chelsea to satisfy your sweet tooth for these Austrian pancakes on weekend mornings. We got an taste of these torn (literally) pancakes at chef Daniel Angerer's cooking demo at De Gustibus earlier this week, but the pancakes make their debut on Klee Brasserie's brunch menu this weekend.

The pancakes are liberally dusted with powdered sugar and served with a side of lingonberries and caramelized bacon. A whole pancake is started on the stove top, finished in the oven, and then torn into two-bite bits. "Kaiserschmarren" translates into "Emperor's Mishmash" and is named after a supposed incident in which an inexperienced kitchen apprentice accidentally rips a pancake when flipping it over to cook. With no time to whip up another batch before serving the Emperor, he decided to tear it up some more, pile the pieces high on a plate, and dust it off in a flurry of powdered sugar. Voila! A sweet error indeed.

Klee Brasserie

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