Sugar Rush: Migliorelli Farm Cider Doughnuts at the Union Square Greenmarket


The winning Migliorelli Farm doughnut

I was in line at the bank this morning when a doughnut craving hit. Does that ever happen to you? To be more specific, a cider doughnut craving. The only place that I know where to get them is the Union Square Greenmarket and thankfully, I was less than a block away. Unfortunately, last time I had a cider doughnut, it was from a random stand and pretty horrible due to dryness and lack of flavor. This time, I walked through the whole market on a recon mission before deciding which ones to buy.

The winner: A pack of three doughnuts from Migliorelli Farm looked the best with a deliciously dark brown exterior sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. They were also the cheapest ones at $2 for the pack. The moist cakey doughnut had a pronounced cider flavor, with a nice little crunch from the cinnamon sugar.

The loser: Breezy Hill Orchards offers three doughnuts for $2.50 in a convenient plastic baggie. They didn't look too great, but I bought them for comparison's sake. The doughnut exterior is pale and flaccid when poked. A taste test revealed only a faint apple taste along with a cake inferior in moistness to the winner.

Cider doughnut mission accomplished.