Breakfast Porridges at the Jamaican Dutchy Cart


20090305cart.jpgYou may know The Jamaican Dutchy’s cart on 51st Street and Seventh Avenue for its eye-catching flags, flat-screen TV, or tongue-searing jerk chicken. But as the New York Times tipped us off last week, this vendor does a mean breakfast trade.

While I wasn’t quite up for ackee and saltfish at 7 a.m., the Dutchy’s breakfast porridges sounded like the perfect thing to warm up a chilly Midtown morning. There’s something different in the vat each day, and on Thursday it was hominy corn porridge—a traditional Jamaican dish, left to simmer long and low until the ample kernels soften and the whole porridge thickens.

For $4, I got an enormous steaming cup, sixteen whole ounces of piping hot porridge that even I, a hot-breakfast addict, couldn’t finish. While nothing fancy to look at, it was creamy and sweet, with notes of cinnamon and nutmeg and vanilla, cradling large, squishy hunks of hominy. Tasty and hearty, it was the kind of morning meal that leaves you warmed from within and ready for the day. Especially after a beaming smile from the Jamaican man within.

Here's the daily schedule: Monday is cornmeal porridge, Tuesday is banana oatmeal, Wednesday is plantain, Thursday is the hominy corn discussed above, and Friday is peanut porridge. I just might see you there.

The Jamaican Dutchy 51st Street at Seventh Avenue, New York NY 10019 (map)