Exotic Eggs Available at Whole Foods

20090303-emueggs2.jpgNow, an emu is a large bird right? And you expect it to have a large egg right? But, did you expect that large egg to look like a giant avocado, thick-skinned and all?

I sure didn't, but was delighted to see one at the Whole Foods on Houston Street. Actually, they now have an entire display of exotic eggs, including quail, duck, and ostrich. All the ostrich were gone, but four avocado-impersonating emu eggs remained for $29.99 each. Above them, 99-cent duck eggs were piled together while the delicate speckled quail eggs were safely encased in plastic cartons. How anyone carries home (safely) just one or two 69-cent quail eggs is beyond me. I wanted an emu egg but decided the schlep home to Brooklyn might do it in.

Has anyone tried these eggs? I am also wondering how many people one emu egg might serve.

Whole Foods

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