Baoguette, Tasty Banh Mi Sandwiches, Not Tasty Delivery


The "classic" at Baoguette: house-made pork pate, house-made terrine, and thin slices of house-roasted pork belly

The staff of Blackbook really likes the banh mi sandwicherie Baoguette; they really do. As broke magazine staffers, they love the $5 sustenance. But Baoguette's delivery service might possibly be the worst in New York, ever, they explain:

See, we’re stuck in our offices sometimes, and we have to order in to get delivery. We’ve ordered from you a bunch of times, and despite the hour-plus time it’s taken sometimes after you tell us it’ll be here in “a few minutes”, despite not giving us napkins, hot sauce, or forgetting some of the things we’ve ordered (but being charged for them), despite the fact that we order from you all the time and you still have no idea who we are, we still called you yesterday for lunch.

But making us text-message you our order—what?!—and not sending us a confirmation was pretty strange. Totally neglecting to include hot sauce and napkins (again!) was kind of preposterous, as was totally forgetting one of the soups we ordered and having no idea what we were talking about when we called in to ask about the special on your own bizarre website.

We've never ordered delivery from Baoguette, but like what we've tried after shuttling it back. In his review of Baoguette, Ed said the "classic" banh mi sets the bar pretty high for "best banh mi in New York" status. But best delivery in New York, apparently not so much.