Sugar Rush: Olive Oil Cake and Riesling Poached Pears at Terroir

20090219-sugarrush-oliveoilcake.jpgCravings for olive oil kissed sweets are often satisfied at one (or both!) of two places. Abraço for a slice of wondrous olive oil loaf or Otto for olive oil gelato. The olive oil desserts at both places are well documented and deservedly so. Nearby Terroir, however, deserves equal praise for their riff: olive oil cake with Riesling poached pears.

Walk past the East Village wine bar and glance though the windows. See that unassuming glass cake stand perched at the end of the bar? Well, look closer, for it harbors the loveliest bundt cake. Two wedges, perfect for sharing, are cut upon order and plated alongside mounds of poached pears. The cake itself is a tamer, less decadently rich cousin of Abraço's—the slightly drier crumb does well with simultaneous spoonfuls of sweet chilled pears. All we are missing is a supple round of Meredith Kurtzman's olive oil gelato. And then, nothing but oily smiles all around.


413 East 12th Street, New York NY 10009 (map) 646-602-1300