Restaurants Adding Sneaky Service Charges


This restaurant didn't add a service charge, but you might want to watch out on your next bill.

Nobody likes to be charged extra, especially when it's on the part of the bill you have the most control of—the tip. I've been in the service industry for more than ten years, and while I understand that sometimes you get the nontipping foreigner, the cheapskate, or the grandma who never grasped that the tipping percentage moved from 5 percent to 18, those aren't reasons to add a service charge to a table of two.

There have been a few reports of businesses adding these charges to the tab. Eater called out Le Gamin for this practice and the New York Post shared a whole list of offenders. Going one step further, NewYorkology posted the New York City law that details when and how restaurants can add service charges.

I have never noticed extra dollars on my restaurant receipts but have seen the signs and will start watching for them. Have you noticed shady service charges at restaurants?