Sugar Rush: Oscar Nominee Cupcakes and Cookies from Eleni's


Sean Penn cupcake and Anne Hathaway cookie.

Our theory was proven correct: a baked good rendering the face of Anne Hathaway isn't the most delicious thing you'll ever eat, but hey, it wasn't bad. Her face tastes exactly the same as Angelina Jolie's and Kate Winslet's. In honor of this Sunday's Academy Awards, Eleni's in Chelsea Market is selling cookies ($4) and cupcakes ($3.50) of each of the ten nominated Best Actors and Actresses, or you can get the gift pack of 16 cookies, a slightly better deal, at $59.50 (recession? what recession?).

Order by phone to have them shipped nationwide (they recommend calling by tomorrow for a Saturday delivery) or purchase at the bakery. Note: cupcakes can only be delivered within Manhattan. They'll also personalize orders if you send them a photo (but only after a minimum of 48 cookies is purchased at $6 a pop). It ain't cheap fulfilling your cannibalistic sweet tooth needs.


75 9th Avenue, New York NY 10011 (map) 212-255-7990