Trying to Re-create Dishes from Restaurant Cookbooks, Including Shopsin's 'Slutty Cakes'

20080810-shopsins-cover.jpgIn the spirit of recessions, and not going hungry during them, we started a Friday morning feature on Serious Eats New York spotlighting recipes from the city's beloved (and oftentimes pricey) restaurants, like this "Eating in with Mario Batali: Spaghetti with Bottarga." Slate also wants to stay classy while not starving, so they attempted recipes from three "quintessential yet very different" New York City restaurant cookbooks, including the "slutty cakes" (or canned-pumpkin-and–peanut-butter-filled pancake things) from Eat Me by Kenny Shopsin of Shopsins.

The unsurprising conclusion: It resembled the original, but not perfectly, and meant missing out on the restaurant's inimitable vibe. "At home, Kenny Shopsin didn't insult me (which is really an integral part of the Shopsin's experience)."

The writer's version of Slutty Cakes, which call for Aunt Jemima, came out light, fluffy, and nicely browned, with the intended Reese's cup qualities. Success! But, she admits, Shopsin makes superior "concentric circles of peanut butter in the middle."

Ah, you gotta pay the big bucks for that.

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