Sugar Rush: New Frozen Flavors at L'Arte del Gelato and Momofuku Milk Bar

Sugar Rush

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Grape sorbet from L'Arte del Gelato

The colder the weather, the more reason one has to consume frozen treats—everything melts slower! West Village's beloved L'Arte del Gelato recently introduced three new flavors: grape sorbet, sesame gelato, and pomegranate sorbet.


Half pistachio, half pomegranate sorbet from L'Arte del Gelato

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As one who keeps a constant eye on the infrequently changing rotation, this was a wonderful surprise. The pomegranate is refreshingly tangy, tart and pure, while the sesame gelato locks toasted nuttiness into one smooth concoction. The dark chocolate strewn on top makes you think the chocolate plays a large role in the gelato flavor, but that's not the case. Either way, the top of the trio is doubtlessly grape sorbet—so awesome, it warranted two trips over the weekend. Whole grapes and not the juice alone are incorporated into this sorbet, resulting in crushed skins interspersed throughout.


Malted chocolate and graham from Momofuku Milk Bar


Photograph by Nick Solares, our Momofuku bureau chief

It seems to be a week of change for frozen sweets, as Momofuku Milk Bar rolled out a quartet of new soft serve flavors. The salty pistachio is long gone and will be much missed (especially when paired with strawberry milk for an incredible milkshake). But in its place is a very, very malted, malted chocolate, ideally twisted with the graham, which like all properly created soft serve, tastes of a flavor true to its name.


Root beer float and Orange Julius from Momofuku Milk Bar

On the "lighter" end, the root beer float and Orange Julius. My favorites are the graham and root beer float, perhaps with the latter edging out by a bit. It's like they locked the classic American float's essence into soft serve form. I swear I can almost taste the bubbly fizz. How do they do it? Don't know, but I am mesmerized.

L'Arte del Gelato

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Momofuku Bakery/Milk Bar

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