Eating in with Bouchon Bakery: Langues de Chat

20081201Bouchon.jpg Sometimes, when you slap a French name on something it suddenly sounds a lot fancier and more expensive. An omnipresent French cookie alluringly called "Langues de Chat," or Cats' Tongues, sounds a lot ritzier than the butter, sugar, salt, vanilla, egg, and flour that it takes to make them.

This is pantry basics chic, ripped from the pages of Mr. Expensive himself, Thomas Keller. Make this versatile, simple, but perfect cookie that matches everything, and make sure you call them by their French name. Everyone will suddenly find you terribly exotic, and no one will know that you already had all the ingredients in your house. Plus, if you make them at home, you avoid the Bouchon Bakery markup.

Here's the recipe for Bouchon Bakery's Langues de Chat »