Sugar Rush: Bond Street Chocolates

Sugar Rush

Your daily dose of something sweet.


Elderflower liqueur chocolate (front); Earl Grey chocolate (back)

At the rate restaurants are going, and dessert shops are opening, the East Village may soon turn into a neighborhood of sweets. Bond Street Chocolates (oddly enough, located on 4th Street) opened its doors to the public yesterday, for the first business of 2009.


Inside Bond Street Chocolates

The walls are in soft dark shades and exposed brick—on the right, a table for two, and on the left, a cozy counter to seat three—with glass displays boasting chocolates, some filled with liqueur, others with dark ganaches.

The fillings are consistent, smooth and full-flavored. Elderflower liqueur chocolate is lust worthy, but the Earl Grey, with clear pronounced tea elements and a shell just thin enough, was equally appealing. Dusted in gold, the solid chocolate Buddha is sure to catch your eye. The tiniest ones are tucked neatly into the case, while bigger versions are displayed to the right, with even larger ones lined on the glass shelf.


Chocolate-covered Corn Nuts

I'd buy one just to store in my home, but would be hesitant to eat something so beautiful. Chocolate-covered whimsies abound—wasabi peas, Corn Nuts, and the more expected ginger. The owner and her husband are very friendly, a key factor that can never be underestimated with small retail businesses. Oh, and yes, there is hot chocolate soon to come, perfect for the chilly winter ahead.

Bond Street Chocolates

63 East 4th Street, New York NY 10003 (map) 212-677-5103