Type Designers Amused at Street Cart's Typography


Not only was NYC's Calexico Cart a favorite among judges at this year's Vendy Awards, type-design team Nick and Adam Hayes name it as one of their favorites—but for reasons other than its food:

We’ve also found this strange use of Monark for a street vendor selling Mexican food [in Soho, New York City]. They used Monark for the menu and the logotype. I have no idea why a street vendor would use Monark to promote their services, because it was a typeface originally designed for a magazine. We love waiting and watching for our typefaces to pop up in the strangest places. This has got to be one of our favorites!

This item, from Print magazine's "Good Type Gone Bad" column (which analyzes strange typeface choices) also has designer Sami Kortemäki talking about McDonald's use of a typeface he co-designed. [Fourth and seventh items.]

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Calexico Cart

SE Corner of Prince and Wooster Streets, New York NY 10012 (map)