Marlow & Sons Gives Birth to Daughters Tonight


Hasidic funeral nextdoor.

The new but old-timey-looking sign went up at Marlow & Daughters yesterday, which is gearing up for a soft opening tonight at 5 p.m. and official opening tomorrow, according to Brooklyn Based. The space used to be a barbershop everyone just referred to as "Tony's," but might be baptized "Tom's" with butcher superstar Tom Mylan behind the counter. From time to time, he'll drop in to share his knowledge with fellow carnivores.

So how will this affect Marlow & Sons down the street? They might move all their grocery-type goods to Daughters, but still offer a smattering of cheeses, house-cured sausages, and confits.

While sign-hanging took place yesterday, so did a Hasidic funeral nextdoor. Death and birth, all on the same block.

Marlow & Daughters

95 Broadway, Brooklyn NY 11211 (map)