Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dog with Egg and Cheese from Crif Dogs


While I've known about the bacon-wrapped hot dogs from Crif Dogs for years, I never felt compelled to eat one. It's a combination of two things I only mildly enjoy: hot dogs and bacon. But brought together with the magic of deep-frying, it's a different story. Instead of a boring first bite into a mashy processed meat log, you crunch through a smoky, porky barrier that still gives way to a mashy processed meat log, but this time is full of burning hot juices. (And I did burn my mouth on the first bite. My suggestion: Wait longer than five seconds before digging into yours.)

While a bacon-wrapped hot dog on its own is pretty good, its the topping combinations that reel you in at Crif Dogs. I can't imagine finding a better version than the Good Morning, a bacon-wrapped hot dog atop a fried egg and a slice of gooey, fluorescent yellow processed cheese. Bacon, hot dog, egg, cheese, and bun in every bite—there is no way that could be bad.


I went back to the counter for Round 2. While I had my stomach set on the fried mayonnaise-filled Wylie Dog, Crif Dogs only serve them at their neighboring bar, PDT. I went for the less enthralling Chihuahua, a bacon-wrapped hot dog hugged by sliced avocado and sour cream. As two delicious, fatty substances, the combination looked good on paper—I love avocado and sour cream—but it tasted bland compared to the marriage of meat, egg, and cheese that I had just devoured. Perhaps if I had eaten the Chihuahua first, it would've tasted better.

After eating both dogs I was still hungry, but the prospect of spending $15 on a hot dog-based dinner kept me from getting that third dog. Aside from thinking that one person probably shouldn't eat three bacon-wrapped hot dogs in one meal.

Crif Dogs

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