Sugar Rush: Olive Oil Loaf at Abraço


No stranger to desserts, olive oil is almost a mainstay in sweets throughout New York—be it the famed Olive Oil Gelato of Otto, the Olive Oil Cake with Riesling Poached Peaches from Terrior, or the Chocolate-Ricotta Tortino with Pistachios and Olive Oil at Del Posto.

But sometimes an olive oil treat takes you by surprise and reminds you once again just how lovely it shines in sweets. Simple is best, and a sunny, golden slice of Abraço's Olive Oil Loaf is just that. Pleasing to the eye, a single $3-slice is far from the typical "light" and "fluffy" adjectives we associate with cakes. Abraço's slice conjures up descriptors like moist and luxuriously dense. The loaf is only a touch sweet, with the ever-present taste of olive oil—ideal for when you crave baked goods but not sugar. The loaf satisfies in a way a triple-frosted cake cannot.


86 E 7th Street, New York NY 10003 (at 1st Avenue; map) 212-388-9731