I Bought the Entire Spinal Column of a 700-Pound Tuna (Oh, Yes I Did)


All effin-A's implied. Photograph by Greg Takayama

This past weekend Mitsuwa held its annual "Giant Bluefin Tuna Cut Performance." Figuring Mitsuwa would be even more frenzied than usual, we staked out our positions along the stage in advance of the demonstration. My co-conspirators Al and Greg took the front view; I took the side. (I haven't seen a crowd this urgent for blood 'n cutting since Ministry '92.)

But the strategy paid off. We made friends with one of the assistant butchers who offered to sell us the backbone for $2. A brief debate ensued about whether the length of it could be hauled home intact.

Read the whole story on Greg Takayama's blog and find out how we took our trophy home.