Momofuku Bakery and Milk Bar Madness


Photograph by Nick Solares

Ed Levine reviewed Momofuku Bakery and Milk Bar last Friday, but after the bakery's busy opening weekend, many food bloggers have also posted their photos and thoughts. Here are some of our favorite reviews:

Blondie and Brownie: Out of Blondie's stash of cookies and pies, favorites include the Compost Cookie and the Crack Pie.

Sweet Freak: Although bothered by the fawning over David Chang, Amy's a fan of the new bakery and thinks Milk Bar is making a run at Levain for best cookie in the city.

Gordon Eats: Gordon's favorite cake was the banana cake made with banana bread, banana cream, hazelnut crunch, gianduja fudge, and peanut butter.

Beef Aficionado: Nick liked the cereal milk—its flavors of corn, oat, and wheat were like drinking a combination of every bowl of cereal milk he's ever had.