Veselka Slammed with Michael Cera Fans Over the Weekend

20081006veselka.jpgHarry and Sally had a mind-blowing lunch at Katz's. Carrie Bradshaw satisfied her sweet tooth with Magnolia cupcakes. And of course, there's Seinfeld and the Soup Nazi. For as long as movies and television shows have filmed scenes in New York restaurants, fans and tourists have been flocking to them.

Michael Cera might not be as established as Billy Crystal, as suave as Chris Noth, or as iconic as Jerry Seinfeld, but he is fast becoming one of Hollywood's leading young men. His latest flick, Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, opened last Friday and Tom Birchard, owner of the restaurant Veselka, reports that they were "slammed all weekend."

One of the final scenes of the movie features Cera and leading lady Kat Dennings at the East Village Ukrainian eatery feasting on pierogies. Evidently fans (we're guessing the bulk of them were NYU freshman girls) flooded Veselka, which is open 24 hours, after seeing the film at nearby theaters. Of course, Cera was nowhere in sight (he divides his time between Canada and Los Angeles), but what better way to console a crush than with a steaming bowl of soul-warming borscht?