Staring Down the Eye of a Tiffin Wallah Dosa


I couldn't resist posting this dosa photo from my Saturday brunch at Tiffin Wallah this past weekend. While vegetarians and fans of southern Indian food may see a tasty treat, I couldn't help but dream about what it would be like to surf through this giant dosa. (Mind you, I've never surfed before, I just like the idea of surfing eating my way out of a giant dosa.) Tiffin Wallah is not a new discovery for any serious eaters who have spent time in Manhattan's affectionately named "Curry Hill", and their $6 weekday all-you-can-eat buffet may be the best pound for pound food deal in all of New York City. But if you are looking for the masala dosa of your fantasies, this one—filled with potatoes— is one of the better versions you'll find in Manhattan.

Tiffin Wallah

127 E. 28th Street, New York NY 10016 (nr. Lexington Ave; map) 212-685-7301