Serious Eats Inspires State Fair Plate at Shopsins

Or, 'Chicken-Fried Eggs, Uncaged'

We were all pleasantly surprised to open the New York Times Magazine last weekend and read that the notorious Kenny Shopsin was inspired to create his State Fair Plate (corn-dog sausage, s’mores pancakes, and chicken-fried eggs) by a post he saw here on the site. I'm guessing it was one of the many posts we've done on state fairs, maybe even this one that mentions a "not-so-typical chocolate-covered chicken stick."

Probably around the same time we were reading that article, Tina "The Wandering Eater" Wong and her friend visited Shopsin's for brunch and had ... the State Fair Plate! ("Helen’s favorite part of the dish was the s’more cakes since it’s very sweet. When I tried a wedge, I felt like I’m eating little pancakes that’s made with a pound of sugar.") Shopsins: Essex Street Market, Stall No. 16, 120 Essex Street, New York NY 10002 (b/n Delancey and Rivington streets; map);

It's kinda neat to see something appear here, inspire someone, and then see the result of that inspiration make it into another person's belly. Sometimes when you sit behind a monitor, pushing pixels all day, you feel divorced from the world at large, so it's cool to see a blog post ripple out into reality.

Bottoms Up with The MacKinnon

Seeing this happen with Shopsin and Tina and Helen reminded me that, a few weeks ago, I got to taste this effect firsthand. While bowling in my weekly league at bowling alley–bar The Gutter, one of the co-owners mentioned that he had seen a recipe for an old-timey drink on Serious Eats and printed it out for his bartenders to make.

That drink, The MacKinnon, unearthed by our cocktail correspondent Paul Clarke, is mighty tasty, with the sweetness of Drambuie balanced by citrus and soda. The printout is now tacked to the wall somewhere behind the bar there, so don't be shy about ordering it when you visit. The Gutter: 200 North 14th Street, Brooklyn NY 11211 (b/n Berry and Wythe streets; map); 718-387-3585;