'Gastrodamus' Says 'French Ocean Liner Food' the Next Big Thing

20081008-asstrodamus.pngJosh "Mister Cutlets" Ozersky casts himself in the role of "Gastrodamus" on the new blog The Feedbag:

Classic, old-school French “ocean liner” food will officially cease to be obsolete and instead become quasi-ironic, or at least Manhattan gastronomes will pretend this to be the case as an excuse to eat blanquette de veau, cassoulet, and other rib-sticking, buttery treats. The few remaining restaurants that serve this sort of food, like La Grenouille and Le Rivage may or may not see a revival, but someone will start a hipper eater featuring this kind of food, and it will briefly see a vogue before the genre returns, as it always does, to neglect and immortality.

He’s probably right.