An Inside Look at The Dessert Truck Throwdown with Bobby Flay


I was lucky enough to attend the Throwdown taping between Bobby Flay and the Dessert Truck dudes (Jerome Chang and Chris Chen) yesterday. I got there around 1:30 PM, when there was a small line to register and sign release forms. After waiting a bit, we signed and crowded in front of tables and trucks. At first, there were two trucks: the Dessert Truck and the Soler Dominican one from the Red Hook ball fields. Weirdly, the Soler Dominican truck left after a bit.

The producer mostly had us cheer, clap, and perform other reaction shots before the battle. Then the Dessert Truck dudes revealed what we already knew: this was a Throwdown with Bobby Flay.


For lighting purposes, we had to wait for the sun to move. During that time, there was Q&A time with Jerome and Chris. After a while, Bobby Flay arrived in the Soler Dominican truck, re-purposed as his Throwdown truck. At this point, more and more people started gathering to see Bobby Flay. They set up tables for him; the Throwdown was on.


The Dessert Truck Dudes

They made their chocolate bread pudding pretty quickly, then moved onto cook some bacon to make their bacon creme anglaise for the topping. They also had a vanilla creme anglaise topping.

Bobby Flay

I was on the Dessert Truck side of the crowd, so I couldn't exactly see Bobby Flay. But here are some shots of the action.


People's Choice Award

As they started handing out their creation, people reached out their hands in eager expectation. After numerous tries to get a bread pudding I failed (the above photo is of someone else's) and I didn't want to step all over the people in front of me like the guy next to me did. But from what I could gather, even though Bobby's was really good, people in my part of the crowd favored the Dessert Truck's chocolate bread pudding.


Since the Throwdown was planned quickly, they didn't have time to look for expert judges. Two were picked from the crowd.

Drum Roll...

After filming their opinions, the judges reached their decision. The Throwdown with Bobby Flay was...

Well, for that you'll have to tune in.

We were sworn to secrecy about the outcome, but I'm sure we'll find out soon enough.

Here's a bonus slideshow of the rest of the photos: