Young & Hungry: Pollo a la Brasa at Flor De Mayo

20080910flordemayo.jpgContinuing on my quest for the cheap and delicious in Morningside Heights, I came upon Flor De Mayo, which has not one, but two locations uptown. A restaurant with a split-personality—Flor De Mayo's menu serves up both Chinese and Latin American cuisines. On this trip, I decided to bypass the Chinese and went straight for the Pollo a la Brasa: a whole Peruvian rotisserie chicken.


Now don't get confused, Flor De Mayo isn't a fusion restaurant—rather, both cuisines coexist harmoniously on a menu that may seem like a cut and paste job at first glance. I'd heard good things about the chicken, so it wasn't hard skimming past the chop sueys and egg rolls. At the bottom of the "Hong Kong Special," and not under "Spanish Foods," you'll find the Pollo a la Brasa with a description claiming that it was "[n]ever before served in the U.S.A" and was "specially brought here for the chicken eater lover." Well, good thing I'm both an eater and a lover.

The whole chicken goes for only $10.75 and comes with a few bitty tubs of a scallion vinegar sauce to go along with it. The enthusiastic menu description boasts that this is no "regular roast chicken" and I'd have to agree—the chicken was super moist, even the white meat, which I normally pass on. The addictive spice rub kept me licking at my fingers and wondering what the secret mix had to be. I tasted cumin and saw the hint of yellow on the skin, but that's as far as I got before it was all devoured. The only thing that would have made it better was if I'd ordered a side of rice and plantains to go with it.

The menu's description ends by asking its chicken eaters and lovers to taste the chicken and then comment on in it, reminding us: "Don't forget! Let us hear your opinion." Well, Flor De Mayo, here it is.

Flor De Mayo

2651 Broadway New York, NY 10025 (b/n 100 and 101st; map) 212-663-5520

484 Amsterdam Avenue New York, NY 10024 (b/n 83rd & 84th St; map) 212-787-3388