Sugar Rush: Mango Special Shaved Ice at the Flushing Mall

Sugar Rush

Your daily dose of something sweet.


When I told Serious Eats dessert maven Kathy YL Chan that I was going to the Flushing Mall, she said, "You have to get the Mango Special at the shaved ice counter!"

And special it was, consisting of a heaping mound of shaved ice—unfortunately on the crunchy, not fluffy side—topped with chopped ripe mango, sweet condensed milk, and a huge scoop of creamy mango ice cream. My two friends and I polished it all off despite the decreasing space in our stomachs. I don't understand how frozen yogurt could become a huge craze while something as awesome and simple and refreshing as as shaved ice topped with ice cream and mango bits is hard to find.

Flushing Mall

Food Court (basement level) 13333 39th Avenue, Flushing NY 11354 (b/n Lawrence Avenue and Prince Street; map) 718-358-1618