'New York Times' Dining Section Becomes a Blog


Instead of posting all of their Dining section's stories on Tuesday nights in sync with the print publication Wednesday morning, the New York Times is going to publish the section's stories, online, throughout the week:

So last Friday afternoon, we posted a handful of Dining section articles that won’t appear in print until Wednesday morning. We also posted the food column from the Sunday Times Magazine. Then on Monday, we put up Eric Asimov’s piece on aglianico wines. Like other articles about food and drink, they appear on the Dining & Wine page.

It seemed to work, so we’re going to keep posting pieces throughout the week, as soon as they’re ready.

The print version of the Dining section will essentially become a dead-tree date-based archive of the Times' online food coverage. Nick Denton was right when he said "The New York Times is just a fancy blog."

Welcome to the fray, Dining section.