Photos of the New Brooklyn Trader Joe's


At 9:30 this morning, the old Independence Bank at Atlantic Avenue and Court Street was covered in balloons and shoppers armed with canvas bags, ready to stuff them with soy crisps and frozen enchiladas. A greeter at the door convinced anyone who thought they were going somewhere else to come here instead.

Inside, a Caribbean-themed tapped drums. Everyone was feeling the Trader Joe's high.

This is by far the least claustrophobic Trader Joe's I have ever visited. Tall ceilings, wide freezer section aisles, and hardly any head-on shopping cart collisions. Though the check-out line looked scary, a crewmember was dutifully holding up her "end of the line" sign, reminding shoppers that 18 cashiers were on duty. A quick, painless process—and one that involved snacks. One staffer was on waitressing duty, asking people in line: "Can I get you a sample of coffee? Oatmeal cranberry cookie?"

Ah, Joe. You're a good man with a great store. Photos, after the jump.


Once a bank, now a source of chocolate-covered nuts and arugula.


Mission of Trader Joe's: To provide the highest quality leis.


Nothing says grocery shopping like a guy in a wildly bright shirt banging on a drum.


Trader Joe's sometimes gets knocked for having bad produce. For a while, they were only sold in plastic cases of four or more, not individually. But this selection is pretty impressive. (The guy in the front is facing cheese indecision.)


Lots of bread options.


Free samples! No Trader Joe's visit is complete without them. This morning, Mandarin orange chicken, alongside oatmeal cranberry cookies and mini cups for coffee.


Refrigerated section.


Frozen section. Waffles and potstickers were well-stocked.


One crewmember is getting bombarded with calls. Rough job, but a hero in the eyes of many.

Trader Joe's

130 Court Street, Brooklyn NY 11201 (map) 718-246-8460 9AM - 9PM