Bulgogi Dogs For Everyone: New York Hotdog & Coffee is Now Open


Ever since I read about the bulgogi topped hot dog on Eating in Translation, I've been anxiously awaiting the arrival of New York Hot Dog and Coffee, a Korean chain opening its first U.S. location in the West Village. When word came that it had opened, you better believe we were first in line to sample the goods.

You have a number of different hot dog choices: a premium (whatever that means) beef hot dog topped with bulgogi or chili and cheese, a grilled chicken sausage topped with Korean marinated chicken, plus frozen yogurt (of course), waffles (really?), soft serve, flagels (flat bagels anyone?) and coffee.

So how is it? We only sampled the bulgogi hot dog and the chicken topped chicken dog, and all in all they were pretty amazing‐although if I'm being completely honest, I am a big fan of this concept in general. Hot dog + Korean barbecued meat = automatic deliciousness. They really would have had to screw things up for me to be disappointed. The bulgogi is not the greatest of all time, and neither is the hot dog‐but together it's a magical creation.

Serious Eats Grand Poobah Ed Levine, on the other hand, is a hot dog aficionado. No Korean topped hot dog gimmick is going to easily sway him.

His thoughts, plus photos of the hot dogs in all their glory, after the jump...


"Bulgogi hotdog: Our premium hot dog with Bulgogi marinated in sweet sauce over a bed of fresh lettuce and pickles."


"Dak-Kalbi Hotdog: Grilled chicken sausage topped with chicken breast marinated in a tradional fiery sauce, fresh lettuce, and pickles."

Ed's post hot dog thoughts...

The Bulgogi Hotdog is an inspired creation. My initial skepticism was quickly replaced by the realization that the bulgogi dog is one tasty tube steak. Move over, chili, there's a new hotdog topping sheriff in town. However, the chicken hot dog with a diced, grilled chicken hot dog topping, called a Dak-Kalbi, was a dreadful, ill-conceived mistake, a failed experiment in cross-cultural eating.


It's hard to tell what the weirdest part of the place is. The Korean influenced hot dogs, the waffles, and the strange appearance of "flagels" are all in the running. There is also the wall, which has some pretty... uh... large photos of people enjoying hot dogs. Or, maybe it's just how strangely attracted we are to the whole operation.

New York Hotdog & Coffee

245 Bleecker Street, New York NY 10014 917-388-2608