Weekend Excursion: Apple Picking Near the Big Apple


Photograph by El Mitch

’Tis the season again. The time of year when we in the Big Apple start talking about heading upstate to pick little apples, so that they can crowd our “minimalist” kitchens with fall flavor. Well neighbors, talk is cheap—and so is apple picking, apparently.

At Stuart's Farm in Granite Springs, NY, this New Yorker picked a peck of perfect apples for $16, took a hay ride around the glistening orchard for $3, snagged a couple of portly pumpkins for $11, and threw in some summer nostalgia with basil bunches at $0.99 each.

But of course, some things are priceless, and the same sun that blushes the apples gives we city folk a bit of color too—the orchard is the perfect place to soak up summer’s last rays, and drink in the warm, crisp fall air—while browsing the Cortlands, Macouns, Jonamacs, and Macintoshes. One hour of spectacular views from the city, Stuart’s is small, quaint, welcoming, and downright worth it.


The pick-your-own pumpkin patch is also ready for your perusal (although, be warned, they are no longer on the vine). The farm stand is full of late heirloom tomatoes and acorn, butternut, and carnival squashes. The farm advises that a wider variety of apples will be available the first week of October, but call ahead for the latest advisories.

I froze my fresh basil pesto for a sliver of summer in the dead of winter, but what to do with all those apples? I’ll keep you posted as I candy them, and sauce them, and tart them…

Stuart's Farm

62 Granite Springs Road, Granite Springs NY 10527 (map) 914-245-2784
stuartsfarm.com Open 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Sunday