Classic Shopsins: 'I'm Not Cooking For You. Eat at McDonald's.'


No Shopsins for you! Photograph by Robyn Lee

A hilarious-if-it's-not-happening-to-you story got posted in the Talk section of SE:NY yesterday involving a run in with "real New York treasure" Kenny Shopsin:

I come in with a group of four today, and we wait for service at Shopsin's. 20 mins later, Kenny (a fat, sweaty, poorly-dressed man) gets to us, and we ask some questions about which food is cooked with nuts. He points us to the part of the menu which says "severe allergies cannot be accommodated" and we say we understand, we just want to know which items are mainly nut-based.

A couple of questions later, he tells us he's getting bored and that we should probably eat at McDonald's. We tell him to wait a second, and we try to start rush ordering. We stop to ask one question about whether grits are vegetarian, and that's it. "I'm not cooking for you. Eat at McDonald's."

But wait. There's more.

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