This Weekend in 'New York Times' Food News


Sayonara, Sushi: The Moment blog on trying to revive interest in lesser known Japanese cuisine: the pork omelet okonomiyaki, the gyu-don beef bowl, and the stuffed-rice blocks they call onigiri.

Blend Away: The Magazine runs a piece on Blendtec's "Will It Blend?" campaign.

Preserving Tomatoes: Amanda Hesser revisits a recipe from 1948 on tomato preserves.

All I'm Askin': Sam Talbot from Top Chef, cooking at the Montauk Lodge, really wants a little respect.

Pay Cut: A piece on leaving Wall Street for farming.

Local in Long Island: Long Island is all fancy with farmers' markets, "foodie" clubs, co-op farms, and chefs who specialize in local ingredients.

Moo: Weekend farmers in Connecticut are getting cows.

Pick of the Crop: On the increasing popularity of community-supported agriculture.

Auction Buddies: A piece on The Tri-County Cooperative Auction Market in East Windsor, N.J. that serves as a meeting place for farmers.

Caribbean in Brooklyn Eating West Indian in Brooklyn.

Body Sushi: On eating sushi off the body of a a living sushi platter at Ambassador Wines and Spirits in New York City.

Border Dining: Eating in Eastern Chelsea.

Finger (Lakes) Food: Eating in central New York State. Ooooh, slideshow.

Travel: Namibia with a slideshow; Asilah, Morocco, with a slideshow; Mykonos, Greece; British Columbia; St. Petersburg, Florida.