Talk to Me: Sushi Seki Is Closed. Where do I go?


One of four pieces of sushi served to me as part of Soto's omakase

Thanks to a post on Talk>New York we've been alerted to the fact that Sushi Seki, on the Upper East Side, will be closed for vacation until August 17th. The question posed is, if Seki is your standby, where do you go for a comparable omakase? A few eaters already mentioned Sushi Yasuda, there is L.A. transplant Sasabune, and if you want something downtown Le Miu in the east village has a relatively inexpensive omakase. Also, Seki was modeled off of Sushi of Gari, so that probably wouldn't be a terrible idea. I'm tempted to mention Soto, one of our personal favorites here at Serious Eats New York, but admittedly Soto is prepared dishes more than sushi, uni more than anything else, and it will probably end up being more expensive than a meal at Sushi Seki. Now it's your turn. Suggestions for this Serious Eater? Post them to Talk>New York.